Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is There A Formula For Good Marriage?

I have walked some men and women through their respective divorces. I suppose most of them came to me with an unrealistic expectation that I could advise them on family law and divorce proceedings, albeit my specialization in a different area of law. The irony is that, notwithstanding that family law is always an interesting subject, I had deliberately shunned it as I would never wish to assist any couple to go on separate ways. Perhaps it is the hopelessly romantic nature in me, longing to see blissful and long lasting marriage "till death that do us apart".

The bright side of it? For the sake of helping my dear friends, I have slowly acquired some basic knowledge on family law.

Would those experiences haunt me mentally and emotionally? Would that plant a seed of phobia in me?

That was one incident that affected me so intensely that I wept over it. To the extent that my Queen's Counsel was puzzled whether I was ever "married" (what?!!) to someone else before. Perhaps the mixed feelings of anger, sorrow and frustration (which shall not be too different from a breakup though to a lesser degree) were overwhelming, not to mention the fear of uncertainties that lie ahead for me. It is particularly heart-wrecking to hear from a party who has done his or her best to preserve the marriage, nurture good children and/or maintain the household to its best condition. One cannot help but to wonder, what is love all about? Is there a formula for a good, healthy and long lasting marriage? Why are love, hard work and sacrifice not well rewarded with happy ending?
As a woman, I am constantly struggling the tug-a-war of career and relationship. A woman who works hard in office is more likely to attain success in her career; unfortunately she who does the same at home may not end up in a blissful marriage! Why is that so? Which one is a better "investment" for a woman? Career or marriage?
My answer to it? Hmmm... perhaps the key is to strike a balance to well juggle all aspects of your life, which I believe that the liberalization conferred upon the ladies have also opened up loads of challenge ahead of us - rewarding career, blissful marriage (or relationship), nurturing good kids, financial independence, maintaining good friendships, cultivating personal interests, and never ever forget the importance of keeping fit, healthy, fashionable and HOT*!

In the event anyone of the above fails, especially marriage, we have other things to cling on to before it tears us apart. Gone are those unfair bondage that calls for 100% devotion to the family!

*You know what I mean if you Google search for "Helen Mirren in Bikini"!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Become A Fan of Coldplay Overnight!

On 18 July 2008, without much anticipation but in the name of "love", QC and I went for Coldplay's concert at HP Pavilion, San Jose. I always love some of their songs such as "The Scientist" and "Yellow" but I was never crazy for them.

Watch this video and you will know why I became their fan overnight... they were absolutely brilliant! Look at how perfect the lighting was synchronized to the beats of "Viva la Vida". An audience of more than 5000 people just went head over heels for them singing along!

The next day, I listened to nobody but Coldplay!

P/s: Since I used a W580i Sony Ericsson to film it, the video quality may not be too great. I regret not recording the full song :(