Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Become A Fan of Coldplay Overnight!

On 18 July 2008, without much anticipation but in the name of "love", QC and I went for Coldplay's concert at HP Pavilion, San Jose. I always love some of their songs such as "The Scientist" and "Yellow" but I was never crazy for them.

Watch this video and you will know why I became their fan overnight... they were absolutely brilliant! Look at how perfect the lighting was synchronized to the beats of "Viva la Vida". An audience of more than 5000 people just went head over heels for them singing along!

The next day, I listened to nobody but Coldplay!

P/s: Since I used a W580i Sony Ericsson to film it, the video quality may not be too great. I regret not recording the full song :(

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shiva said...

AWESOME! You were there!

What was your fav song? Mine was lovers in japan..the images on the screen, jon and his awesome guitar playing, the butterfly confetti..everything combined made it the perfect song of the evening in my opinion :)

I recorded the first 1.5 mins or so of that song plus most of the others and posted em on my blog at check em out when you get a chance!

Hope they come back to the bay area after they finish touring they did during the twisted logic tour (they played one show in mountain view, and then came back the following year to play in san jose)