Monday, September 10, 2007

My Partner in Crime

Every year around the time in August and September, things seem to slow down at work. Guess what I have been doing for the past few weeks? I am completely drawn into the world of cyberspace! And the "accomplice" and "abettor"? My new and advanced PC well equipped with Microsoft Vista. But is it really a "crime" to go gallivanting in the cyber space?

To me, computer, together with the internet, is one of those greatest inventions in this modern civilisation. It came into my life when I was 18. Prior to that, it was something alien and "too high-tech" for me ~ what was that MS DOS with those green lettering on the black screen?! In fact, it never crossed my mind that this little machine, aided by the internet, would change the world, connect people everywhere and globalise all nations. When I was first introduced to the internet, I was completely mesmerised to its colourful interface, not to mention the ideas of chatting and researching online without the need of mobility. It was like love at first sight. I started lobbying for the first computer in my family. I sticked to it everyday, just to check emails with Eudora Light (still exist?) and make friends on MIRC and ICQ. In fact I met a Roman friend who made my trip in Rome absolutely unforgettable.

Unfortunately that computer was almost dead after I came back from the UK. For nearly 4 years I lived in dark ages with no convenient access to the internet neither at home nor my workstation. Yahoo actually froze my email account for my complete MIA (missing in action) for more than 1 year.

And now, I have my best buddy at work. I log on to the cyberspace first thing in the morning before I make my favourite cuppa of Nescafe Gold. With my iGoogle I indulge in surfing for international news. It is a blessing that I no longer have to tolerate the tampered information of bolehland. There is a better world with a better system out there... and I believe no lies and beautiful pictures fabricated by the "penghulu" (head of village) and his klans (including the MP, Morons of Parliament. My thoughts on bolehland will be posted in the "Quest For Liberty".

Apart from my thirst for knowledge and information, the thought of blogging had come to me 1 year ago. I would love to post my comments and opinions (can't help with this gene built in me biologically and professionally) upon so many issues in life, be it politics, socio-economics, corporate culture or personal affairs, but I never really walked the talk on blogging. I used to keep diaries as a kid but I eventually dropped the habit when I was trapped with the evil called love at the age of 18. Save for personal secrets (if any), the cyberspace has provided a fantastic platform for freedom of my expression without too much of constraint. The threat of bolehland to trackdown on bloggers? Well, I come with clean hands and clear conscience. What is there to fear for?

In summary to all the benefits I receive online, well, I find my favourite recipes, I read law and finance, I learn French and new vocabulary in English, I research with Wikipedia, I am inspired by beautiful quotes... and the list goes on.

Last but not least, the cyberspace has become a medium to connect my friends and I, irrespective of where they are and what they do, instead of losing friends after completing any phase of my life (e.g. leaving high school and college). Not to mention that I have retrieved friends that I lost contact completely for years. With Friendster, I realise that, despite my persistent whine about me lacking good social skill, I have many friends who are willing to keep me in their circles. With Facebook, I can interactively share all things that we never know about one another albeit a long term of acquaintance. My Queen's Counsel and I use it as a tool to exchange ideas, knowledge and passions :p

At hindsight, I suspect that I am endowed with some geeky gene though I was seen more like a bookish nerd during my adolescent years (those who have seen my old photos probably will concur) and not the robotic geek type (for a better picture, please see the photo of my Queen's Counsel). It is probably too late to switch to the IT field now. Nevertheless, I have got myself compensated with the aid of my Queen's Counsel. He is a real IT expert who provides professional services to ease my thirst to understand IT. My recent visit to the Geek Town for his consultation has proved to be a fruitful one ~ I enjoyed every moment in the Geek Town... :)

Is such gallivanting a crime? Well, no way according to my Queen's Counsel. A lot of IT companies in Geek Town allow such freedom at work to promote flexibility, creativity and innovation, so long the assigned task is accomplished in time. I concur, and I thank my boss for such liberty to this wild horse.

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