Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Forever Friends?

The cuddly teddy of "Forever Friends" is one of my favourite characters. It was created by Hallmark, the card maker, to promulgate the idea of love, joy and friendship.

Deep my heart I can never stop wondering, does friendship really last for a life time? I used to take friendship seriously as part of my life. I felt that I was not popular in school or college but I cared for my friends on my VIP list. Dad used to tell me, "friends come and go", but I would never take heed to his words.

Time flies. I am now a grown-up who thrives everyday not only for bread winning, but also to handle so much of other stress and strains in life. It finally comes to my enlightenment, that friends, DO come and go ~ Ling was a buddy of more than 10 years but she feels that she is high up on the corporate ladder and I am not so "compatible" as her friend; I might be close to Sara 2 years ago but we no longer talk to each other ever since she has got married; Jenny and I used to meet twice a week for all sharing of secrets and now, Jenny shuns me for having cognisance of her past romances; and certainly, those events occur vice versa. You tell me, does friendship last?

Many years ago, being a younger lady full of angst and passion, I was always hurt for losing friends. It affected me so badly that I constantly doubted myself for not behaving well or being a good friend. And now, if you may ask, I am a skeptic of long lasting friendships. I don't read quotes about that any more. I understand that it is the reality of life in which close friendship stays momentarily at young age; when it comes the time of full adulthood, such bonding loosens up due to all sorts of commitments at hand. No one should be blamed for such departed friendship.

Certainly some are blessed enough to have close friends for life but it is rare. I have some close friends from days in the law school and it is still too early to judge how long such friendships will last. If they last, I thank God; otherwise, it is fine for me too.

The Chinese concept of "shui yuen" probably serves as the best resolution for such negativity in life ~ let's the destiny (of a romance or friendship) or nature takes its course. Seize the present moment of togetherness, albeit a short-lived one, and when the time is up, take it easy and give your blessings to him or her...

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Raymond said...

was suppose to do my work but my mind wandered off and here i find myself reading your blog piece.

well, yes, friends do come and go and i think in life, we need not have to have a record number of friends. what does it tell when you see facebookers with 100++ friends, 200++ or even 300++? yes, you'd probably be well connected and seem to be the 'happening' or 'glamourous' person, but at the end of the day, how many can you count on on rainy days? how many can you truly call a friend?

i think that as long as you know that you have a few reliable friends, who will still be understanding and be there for you no matter how long it has been that you have not communicated with them, you should sleep well and be thankful for their presence. friends who will answer to your every need with their best. i live by this principle and this year i have found some and i'm grateful for that. but you're right, cherish whatever time that you may have with anyone and give your blessings when they go away.

happy 2008!