Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Please Leave Us Alone!

My eldest cousin, in his 30s, has just gotten married recently. It was a jovial occasion for the entire Lai's family ~ after all the last matrimonial celebration took place in the family 13 years ago when my aunt (dad's sister) got married.

Throughout the event, apart from performing the cousins' duties, we had to constantly, mechanically and robotically respond to the sixty-four thousand dollars' question raised by our concerned elderly relatives, "oh this is XXX, the groom's cousin! Wow... so handsome / beautiful! When is your turn to treat us?" Typically we would wish to shut their mouths by saying, "oh! auntie XYZ! The time will come... just be patient!" The more nosey aunts would probe further, "so , do you have any girlfriend / boyfriend?" If we said "yes", they would then advise us to promptly tie the knot before we became too old for "procreation". If we said "no", that was where the nightmare crept in... "aiya... why are you so choosy 'lah'? That's not good, you know... hey why not you join the groom and the gang to meet some girls at the bride's place..."

And the next "interrogation"? The next wedding of a buddy. The only difference is, you have your married friends, albeit their young age, probing into your marital status.

Is that such a big deal? Why do we have to conform to their standard? Is it wrong for certain people to make the choice to be single? Is there a hurry if one has yet to find the right partner?

Why can't we just let the nature takes it course? There are so many things to be seen and done in this world at this age, and we are all inquisitive to find out more. Instead of behaving like fools to rush into marriage, why can't we take our time to prepare ourselves emotionally and financially?

Dear aunties, uncles and friends, please don't worry too much about us (in other words, mind your own business!). When the time comes, you shall be notified and please get the big "ang pow" ready, OK? Thanks in advance! :p

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