Monday, December 10, 2007

Today I Weep for Thee

In the midst of a joyful Christmas shopping spree, I was petrified to hear the arrest of my legal colleagues.

Today I see those familiar faces in horror.

Today I see the misuse of law as a weapon against the legal activists.

Today I see the fall of justice, civil liberty and the rule of law.

Today I see the terrifying prospect of a totalitarian state creeping onto this land.

Not for Monday blues, but today I weep for the dying democracy of this country, and I see her sky tearing for thee too...

P/s: Is this the land where we can still live a life to the fullest?


Jamee said...

Hey... I fall upon your blog like a bird would fall from sky on a passer by in a street...

Anyhow... I just have a little question: Your location in your profile says that you are in Malaysia... However, I find no picture of you in Malaysia.

All of your photos, if I am not mistaken, are somewhere in the USA... It is non of my business, no one would doubt that. However, you have got a nice writing style an excellent English. Isn't it unfair that your blog lacks a few lines about the country where you come from? If not for a curious reader who liked your blog, let it for your people.

Sylvia said...

Hi Jamee,

Thanks for your comment. I wrote these lines out of my frustration towards the Malaysian government - never quite expect any comments, though I really appreciate your feedback. I live and work in Malaysia but I spend some time in the States once a year. Yeah I will blog more about Malaysia in the future. Just stay tune! Happy 2008...