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A Dialogue Between An MCA Member and I

As the battle between YB Chew Mei Fun ("Chew") and Tony Pua ("Tony") is heated up in PJ Utara ("PJU"), issue arises as to which is a better candidate to fights for our rights in the Parliament. Please see below a recent conversation I (as SV) had with an MCA member who suggested that credits should be given to some good MCA candidates, including Chew:-

SV says,

I have no doubt that there are good Barisan Nasional ("BN") candidates but if we want to see betterment of Malaysia, we need to make the right choice for a balance. Even if they have done something to develop their respective constituencies, it is their duty to make good use of our taxpayers’ money. Why do we have to live at their mercy? I especially abhor to the idea of “For development? Vote BN”. Is BN holding the"Rakyat" (means citizen in Malay language) at ransom? Every single cent is our hard-earned money!

On a separate note, if you have access to Tony’s blog, please go have a look on the separate interviews by Malaysiakini with Tony and Chew. I was surprised by the lack of competence on the part of Chew. I personally have high regards for Chew but I suspect that she still has a long way to go to better herself as an Member of Parliament ("MP") (if she still is after this election). Comparatively Tony is more eloquent with better ideas to improve PJU and this nation at large. I was especially disgusted by what Chew commented about Tony. Tony used to be my client and I can verify that he is definitely not a “bubble economist”. On a fair and professional battle ground, each candidate should come out with good and sound manifesto to improve our life but not personal attack. And a personal attack without proper research is 10 times worse than that. Hillary Clinton may be losing her support due to such hideous campaigning tactic.

By the way, I don’t side any party until I have made my own assessments.

MCA member says,

Thanks for your feedback.

Everyone has their viewpoint on national concerns. In reality, however, the people on the ground (think those people who have lesser than you or me in terms of access or resources) they have different needs and wants. That explains why our MPs have been saddled with ADUN (meaning local council) duties too. Don't believe? Go to any lesser places and check with the people there. Hear what they say of MPs who don't look into their "longkang" (means drain in Malay language) issues. They don't give a hoot to MPs to focus on talking only in Parliament as they want their daily grapples with life issues handled fast. These people makes up the majority of the have nots or have lesser who normally swing the votes for a constituency. That's why, it is important to look at the constituency, its condition, its people, level of engagement in local / national interest. Unfortunately, the intelligentsia tends to only talk about problems. A creative solution and carry through is needed from all parties. And so, we wait and wait and wait for someone to do it...

Yeah, I've read the Malaysiakini interview. Everyone knows Chew's weak point is economics. But to keep on at this weak point is a bit like hitting someone's tender loin to cripple the body. On the other side, Tony also has his weak points - lack of achievements for the work he has done so far in his 2 years in politics. Yes, he has raised issues, that's fine. Would love to see results. Politics is a sport. Let the best be voted/decided by the people=voters of the particular constituency. Non PJU voter like me have no part to play to impose our higher concerns on national issues on these people, but we can help educate them to by giving them 2 or 3 or 4 sides of the argument (one eg is: to let them see and hear direct from the horse's mouth). Let them form own opinion and let their collective wisdom decide on voting day.

SV Says,

Please read the article as appended below ("Thoughts From Government Talk" which is presented by a blogger named ZEWT - this article accurately points out that Malaysia is in the state of lawlessness whereby corrupted perpetrators in Malaysia could also turn around and prosecute you if you dare bring them to justice and anyone opposing to the government can be jailed without first going trial). I think it speaks for itself the reason why I should look into a bigger picture and not merely “longkang” and street lights. All I would say is that, every person plays a role to ensure that a country is well run i.e. the city council takes charge of local issues whilst the MP contributes his thoughts in the parliament. I am not saying that an MP should turn away when his people go to him for help. He can always delegate such duty to the right person to do the job.

Both our parliament and judiciary are in the state of great shame. If we continue to only care about nitty-gritty, the people will never understand the different roles of ADUN and MP, and continue to tolerate the inefficiency of local council, the uprising crime rate and inflation etc. If this persists, what is Vision 2020 for Malaysia?

Someone has suggested the following (definitely not me, I just copied it from somewhere):-

"Someone suggested a brilliant idea:
I grew up in PJU area and have been in the area for more than 30 years. In 2004 I believed Chew can do a good job (which I think she did if she was the local council and yes I agree she is hardworking) but today being a little smarter and not believing in everything the NST (New Straits Times), Star (almost puked everyday seeing the BN ads) etc says... I think Tony IS a better candidate for PJU. And we do need more capable people with intellect and not be "scared of UMNO (United Malays National Organisation, the leading party in BN) in case they chop me off their peer list" type of people to fight for the people. My suggestion is that to vote (ok, it's an appointment for now) Chew into local council and keep up the good work while we send Tony as the MP to do what a MP should be doing. Conclusion:-1) Tony for PJU MP2) Chew for PJU Local Council. Don't get me wrong Chew, you are still a nice and hard working person. But I would still use a qualified surgeon to operate me rather than a nice and hardworking person. Same principle goes to who we send to the parliament. I would rather send someone who knows the issues at large and fight for the rights of the people than sending a nice and hard working person to the parliament."

By the way, I don’t think you need to be an economist to understand that (i) Dr M, Pak La, Najib and Nazri had declared Malaysian an Islamic state; and (ii) NEP (National Economic Policy) is never abolished.

MCA member says,

Malaysia would be a world power we can have people on the ground all levels of exposure and education who can reason like you.

We've to work harder to connect all the dots.

I believe that some MCA members with good conscience are aware of all the current issues haunting the nation. I just hope that BN will stop speaking in denial (just note the campaigning slogans), wake up and stop the rot... oops is it ever going to happen? Am I dreaming ?

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