Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Malaysia

I have never felt so excited before!

Right after casting my vote on 8 March 2008, I went into my chamber of hibernation, patiently waiting for the election results. As the Election Committee was gradually making its announcements, I experienced boosts of adrenalin that got me so excited that I could not sleep till 6am in the morning! All the ground-breaking defeats of Barisan Nasional's strongholds have made me believed that, "Don't play play! The ordinary MALAYSIANS (like you and me, minus off the bad guys) really BOLEH!!" Though we look tame and obedient (thanks to the controlled media) most of the times, we will stand by our rights when the time comes! That is the best illustration of "still water runs deep"!

I am especially glad to see more intellectually qualified individuals like Nurul Izza, Tony, Sivarasa, Lim lip Eng and Gorbind Singh moving into our Parliament House to speak for us. The solemnity of parliamentary debates on national policies shall be immediately restored. Let's hope no more obscene remarks on "leakage" and "tunnel"!

Thanks to all the voting Malaysians who has graciously performed their duties. For the apolitical or apathetic eligible but unregistered Malaysians, I hope that you will wake up one day and drag yourself out of your "comfort" zone to register and vote in the next election. Politics is not "dirty" or irrelevant. It is crucial to determine your well-being in this country, not only for yourself but your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you choose to be ignorant, you may lose your "comfort" sooner or later.

Thank God I am not dreaming ~ the opposition has successfully denied 2/3 majority of Barisan Nasional!

P/s: This is only the beginning. Let's seize this opportunity and make Malaysia a better place to live!

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