Monday, March 17, 2008

Addicted to Globetrotting...

I love travelling! By God's grace, I have been to many places, mainly the developed nations, since university days. Not that I was loaded but I had met many kind souls who allowed me to crash out in their apartments :p. I would like to thank all these people here ~ my parents (who sponsored my education in Cardiff), Nicholas and Joe (my cousins who used to live in Melbourne), my auntie and Steven Leung (in London), Luca (in Rome), JLPW (annual firm trip) and my Queen's Counsel :)

All the places listed above are unique to me:-

1. Melbourne is a preferred place to live with its vibrant city life, surrounded by its lush countryside.
2. London is one of the best cities for a pilgrim of international art and culture.
3. Rome is a classic beauty that you can never resist despite the crowd and the traffic congestion.
4. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world.
5. Barcelona presents very unique and fascinating contemporary art and architecture.
6. Cardiff used to be my second home - still miss her to bits after all these years!
7. San Jose is where my Queen's Counsel lives ~ always feel comfy there.
8. San Francisco is the forerunner for all sorts of cultural movements e.g. hippies.
9. Ubud is surprisingly beautiful with its Balinese art and culture.
10. Anaheim is where my birthday dream came true in 2007 ~ visiting Mickey Mouse and friends!

The above list is subject to changes as I get to see more of the world. I should probably explore more of Asia in the future with my Queen's Counsel. :)

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